Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem - Page 14 - May 1, 2024 - IDF prepares to enter Rafah as the corrupt ICC wants to arrest PM Netanyahu & the IDF. The IDF poetically pounds Rafah into sand on Holocaust Remembrance Day, 050624.

The President of Iran was killed when his helicopter crashed into a mountain in fog on 051924. The corrupt ICC's prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants for PM Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, for defending themselves against Hamas! ”

MUST READ!!! Biden is selling out our nation's security to Iran's nuclear program in order to get elected! This is the worst kind of treachery by ANY president in our history! We used to call this treason! Biden has directly &indirectly funneled hundreds of billions into Iran, his secretary of state has been a special pleader for Iran, Iran has paid no price for unleashing its terrorist surrogates against Israel on Oct 7 (Biden-Blinken claimed there was no evidence of a connection!) or for its surrogates killing American military personnel &now BIDEN IS PRESSURING THE UK & FRANCE NOT TO REBUKE IRAN'S NUCLEAR ADVANCES! Every voice must be raised against this! Every legal, constitutional, diplomatic, and political step must be taken to stop this! Or we will wake up 1 day with a nuclearized Iran& the gravest of threats facing our nation's future! Biden has spent his entire career putting his own power, wealth &interests above our country and this underscores it! --Mark Levin--””